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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My White Stallion ~ Adventures in the Tetons - part 1

Adventures in the Tetons- part 1

My White Stallion

The year was 1997 we were moving west
cruising down 94 in an overloaded car
crossing borders of stolen lands
where the Black Hills stand guard

we enter the rustic land of dust and
pick up trucks, vast space with oilrigs,
a place where trees crowd few banks
and the sun bakes everything

Cowboy country here we come
ten miles in and our pony went down
expensive weekend fix leaves us broke
in a snag, even so, you cannot stop

three adventurous young souls on mission
a free spirit, a MacGyver, and their dog
moving lives across miles upon miles…
the mighty Volvo raged on through flats

up foothills and down into the valley
to see the Grand Tetons and visit
an old friend -we never left; instead,
we got jobs and the day we spent

our last buck was the day we were paid
cleaning messes made by tourists
poaching nights for steam showers
and entertained by the sheltered tourists

faces of fear of our loaded Volvo of sheets 
inching up the mountain blasting of cracked
muffler and David Byrne, a big dog and us,
wild cats looking out a bit scruffy in their world

our life was one found in novels, a way to be
they envied, thou if faced in life they reeked
of pity and fear; no care to us

we lived a dream of Buffalo and mountain
streams, fluffy beds and kitchen thrills
violets with smells of sage, and moments

of absolute freedom rushing through
my veins as I soared the valley winds with
my White Stallion.

© River 3/11

*Adventures in the Tetons is a series of poems written about my adventures in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming many years ago.  :)

The second poem in the series- A Teton Sunset

They are slowly coming, Sherry!  :)

posted for One Shot Wednesday week37 at One Stop Poetry- come join the fun!


Hope said...

this is beautiful River. looking forward to reading more :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I love this, River!!!! Thank you! Love the "absolute freedom" as you "soared the valley winds". Sigh. I can feel the excitement, the adventure, the hardships (that young people take in stride). I'll bet you are so glad you had that adventure!

Brian Miller said...

lovely story paint a beautiful picture and makes me want to ride that horse just to feel the wind in my hair...

signed...bkm said...

Wonderful freedom indeed ending for the Teton's is there a grander place to have as a goal...It has been a while since I have felt this freedom...your poem brings back that good feeling...bk

anthonynorth said...

This is full of imagery and enticing. Enjoyed it.

LauraX said...

So much courage to live fully in the moment!

Old Ollie said...

Enjoyed this narrative River. What a story!

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

I almost feel like I was there, River. Very nice!

Shashi said...

Dear River...
Your way with words and the image behind is so beautiful. One can see it all happening and I could visualize it beautifully. Thanks for sharing such a lovely verse...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Connect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

hedgewitch said...

Fascinating, full of the adventure, courage and freedom of youth. Adventures in youth are memories that sustain us in age.

~Sarah~ said...

Being from the West, and loving road trips, I ADORED your poem. I took a roadtrip with a man (the man) who's from another country and the things you mentioned were exactly things we did. We had the dog, we saw the same landscape, I cooked breakfast of sage sausage and eggs on a cold summer morning. Thank you for the poem!!

gautami tripathy said...

Flows so beautifully!

an ordinary moment

Claudia said...

your dream of Buffalo and mountain
streams sounds beautiful River

dustus said...

I like the smooth flow to your narrative. Reminds me a little of On the Road. Nice work, River

Kavita said...

This was so vivid and smooth, River... I felt like I was one among the many that were packed into that Volvo!! :))

Enjoyed the ride..umm.. the poem, I mean :)

Timoteo said...

Ah, the romance of the road...I love it! (And now, I'm off to observe some more butts!)

Steve Isaak said...

Good storytelling - mood effective, everything works here.

Jingle said...


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