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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What random object has been left beside the door?

I slowly navigate down our flights of stairs

pondering the mystery that lies at the bottom.

The mystery of objects left….

Yesterday a bag filled of clothes

Last week a frying pan, a playpen

Today, will it be a pile of books

or a set of towels?

What random object has been left beside the door?

Where did it come from?

Where is it to go?

I wonder who leaves these objects and why?

Truly, I don’t really want to know.

I want the mystery, the secret

to continue intriguing me.

These random objects left beside the door

each have a story, a lost history

a tale I am free to imagine just

how I want it to be.

The objects we have all left behind

a pair of glasses, a pink sweater

significant or trivial

forgotten or missed

they are pieces to our story

pieces of life we have all left behind.

I almost forgot…

What random object has been left beside the door?

Today, a stack of old dishes.


kathew said...

random stuff needing a home! nice post!

Victoria said...

Wow, I identified with that. Only now, most of what I find are dog toys. Great poem.

Jingle said...

beautiful reminders.
thanks for the treat.

Kavita said...

This is so true! Each object left behind is never really random, is it? It all exists for a purpose, it has some has a story of its own, and it makes a small part of our story as well! Like now, it made a part of your poem, and our reading... how cool is that! This was a very interesting read, River.. Very reflective sorta...
Thanks for sharing this with poetry potluck... a treat indeed!

Shashi said...


I think I have read it before and liked it that time too...

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