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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Tale of Time

A Tale of Time is a story told in the form of a poem.
                              ~ ~

.......  Daydreaming on a Sunday afternoon
              ~ an abstract moment in time ~


~ The Keeper and the Well ~
                                   with a Drop of Time!

Time is untouchable
invisible to the naked eye
many have tried to own it
in its own right, it is…

Some believe it is man made
revolving around people
captured by hours upon seconds
tightly within a box.

Others watch Earth’s cycles  
and count the age of old rocks
measuring of mere moments
encompassing all life.

One knows the truth
about time and all its secrets
the chosen one that watches
the true Keeper of Time.

 Decades upon decades
he neither ages nor dies
bestowed a legacy of honor
a destiny of solitude and time.

Crossing through realms
the Keeper wears two faces
one tells of his legacy
the other sees him as a tale.

As a new century nears
the wind sings him reminders
the time is here to begin
his travels to the Well.

The Keeper of Time kneels
amidst the sands of the Sahara
waiting and praying
 on the eve of a decade
a new dawn in time.

One Drop of Time releases per century
the size of a grand mountains tear
falling towards the Sahara
in rings of sand it lands
instantly absorbed

flowing down
the Well of

Crystal clear
drops of time
lucid in collection.

Awaiting in a well of stone
tended by the Keeper
for all of life
realm to realm
the Keeper travels
 bestowing them their tempo.

Rhythms of difference
beats of fast and slow
realms of opposite flow

carved out riverbeds
on a course of their own accord
running at their own rate
two flows

down the road on
an abstract moment in time.

   © River 2/11

posted for One Shot Wednesday week 44 at One Stop Poetry~ writers and readers wanted!!!!


Hope said...

this is lovely, River!
flowed so well and captured me in it's mystery. sounds like a perfect beginning for haunting tale.
time has always fascinated me and you have expressed it so well!

images are awesome, especially the second one!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

River, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

ayala said...

Lovely ... Flowing ....time we can't control :)

River said...

I wrote this for a local writing contest with a theme of time. I made it into a picture book. I had a lot of fun doing it. I didn't win. I believe mine was a little too far out there after reading the winner. ;)

Timoteo said...

I like the hourglass thing you did--and I love the stanza that begins with: "One drop of Time releases per century..."

Would say more, but I've run out of time !

Louise said...

Lovely ~ it flowed beautifully, and captures the mystery of time well. :)

Brian Miller said...

epic in the concrete imagery as it captures that flow and there are nice rings of truth within...time keeps on slipping slipping slipping...

dustus said...

...into the future (to finish Brian's thought there). Really like what you did. A very cool way to weave a story together. As for time... an abstract that just is, perhaps? Great work.

Andy said...

Wonderfully expressed with equally interesting imagery. Great entry.

(Nice to see you over at my blog. Thanks for commenting)

Anonymous said...

I have spent hours upon hours looking at time ...this is an awesome writing.

..really enjoyed it

nightwishfreak said...

I had one of my favourite singer's voices in my head - it would make a beautiful haunting melody! Wonderful!

Matt Coughlan said...

Imagining a personified Keeper of Time is lots of fun. "Majestic" is the word that comes to mind. Excellent! :D

anthonynorth said...

Plenty of time for reading that. Enjoyed it.

Kavita said...

Wonderful!! Loved the shapes you have given to each stanza.. they lend a doubly richer meaning to the word they hold.. the poem instantly reminded me of the movie "Prince of Persia".. :)
Really beautifully narrated, River dear...

River said...

Thank you everyone. :) I would have loved to put the picture book on here but..this works.

Anonymous said...

Really well planned out shape River, and an extremely clever choice of words. Loved the thought behind a keeper of time and every drop of water in his well is a part of life.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Very beautifully written, River. I love it. Wonderful images, especially the "mountain's tear" being absorbed into the desert sands. Lovely.

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