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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Does a Woman need a Man? updated w/ Does one Need a Man?

We were taught growing up
a woman does not need a man
to want one maybe but need….

needing a man was a sign of weakness 
a life riddled of dependency and control.

We were taught from a young age
watching our mothers and aunts
with the right tools women can do it all

they can fix the broken toilet, provide for
the family and kiss the children goodnight.

As adults, we learned from the loyalty
of Eagles and the closeness of Wolves
it is natural for us to need a companion

not someone to take care of us or fill a
fantasy but to love us and touch us…

Cinderella was not our favorite story.

I did two versions to this piece. Since, I posted the first I have come to wonder why I posted it other than letting pressure get to me. I like the second much better which I wrote first.

Does one Need a Man?          

I remember thinking it is weak to need a man.
To want one yes but need…

Oh it horrified me, numbed me with images of
housewives and brainless, obedient women
ridiculed with dependency and control.

An existence of imprisonment
a nightmare to us, the daughters
of strong independent women

we grew up being taught
a women does not need a man
with the right tools women can do it all!

they can fix the broken toilet, provide for
the family, and raise the children
there is need to settle.

Then I learned of human need
from the loyalty of Eagles
and the companionship of wolves

need was not necessarily bad
it mattered why you needed

I realized I needed a companion,
best friend, a lover. Not to take care
of me but to love me and touch me…

you can probably imagine
Cinderella was not my favorite story.


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Not everybody needs a mate to feel complete, regardless of gender.

River said...

I don't mean that Eric. A companion is an addition to ones life. Not what makes people happy or sad.

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

That sounds a lot like what I said, except you chose "happy or sad" where I chose "complete". Same diff in my mind. Companions are icing on the cake, but not all cake needs icing to be good.

River said...

Aren't we funny.Saying the same things back n forth. lol Gosh I wonder if its a man woman thing or... :)

Bluebell Books said...

a woman needs no man to make her depends on a woman's personal circumstances.

lovely wonders.

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