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Saturday, June 11, 2011



drawing by Annie Perconti                 


A young woman treads in circles
caught at a crossroad of decision.
Her eyes 
bleed of confusion knowing,
she lost herself in their image.

Dreary and afraid, her lotus
fades, peeling open her rawness, 
exposing a weeping child 
grown, pleading for direction.

She leans against the body of her 
grandmother, listening to her stories,
trying to find meanings behind
images sketched in her branches.

Her grandmother’s wise words 
echo the shadows of answers.
Teaching the young woman 
to dive into fresh waters and 
flow with her intended path.

                     ©River Urke 5/2011

posted for One Shoot Wednesday week 50 at One Stop Poetry


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful and wise, River - I love the spiffed up look of your blog. It is fabulous.

Brian Miller said...

nice, the second stanza really sets the stage for this well river...her grandmother being a tree makes this a bit mystical as well..

Elizabeth Young said...

I like the strong connection between the grandmother and the granddaughter; often stronger than the mother daughter bond this is portrayed extremely well here.

Louise said...

This is just lovely. I'm someone who came from a troubled household, but it was my grandmother who held me together during those years...this really resonates for me...

Pat Hatt said...

Nice job, showing the grandmother as the backbone, sturdy with life experience, which one should heed, although usually don't.

Kavita said...

Aahh... I can sooo relate to this one, River...
Did you just read my mind or what!?!??

So beautifully written!!
Maaaannn.. I miss my grandmom!! :( But her words will always stay by my side... as a guiding light...

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