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Thursday, June 2, 2011

gabriel ~ duel poetry

beads tumble
down the crest
of the rising horn
skirts twirl
fingers tap 
ancient rhythms
on sides of glasses
emotions liquid
beats flowing
among a purity of tone
a range of octaves 
match the rising horn 
then descending tones
passionate growls
bring wide-eyed smiles
and a chorus of sensual amens
a moment of silence
fills the room until
the ring of cymbals strike
as the music of soul 
begins again 

by Charlie Martin & River Urke

This is the eighth poem Charlie/slpmartin and I have wrote together with Duel Poetry.  :) 

Duel Poetry a prearranged poetry writing challenge  between two people to evolve a new poem where each writer must respond to the other writer’s lines  (4 -5 ) until both parties agree that the poem is complete.

photo by Charlie Martin- "horn"


Hope said...

oh, this is truly wonderful!

I love the red font as well

take care!

Poets United said...

As Poets United reaches its first anniversary this coming week we want to thank you for your support. Over the past year we have grown to 250 members plus and are steadily growing. Poets United is proud to have you as one of our members and look forward to another successful year. Your imagination, creativity and willingness to share with us is what makes our community such a wonderful place. Thank you for beautiful poetry and thank you for being a part of Poets United.

Mandy said...

Your words are music to my both of you always do!! You make me smile and feel the love :) :) Sending you both sunshine and love!! oxo

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