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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Line from Hell

We are all familiar with the game of waiting.
Waiting in line at the grocery store,
fifth in line outside the ice cream shop.
Waiting for your turn to check out, to grab
the lunch you ordered to go. I thought
it was all the same with the waiting game
then I came across the parent line.

A line like no other line,
A line from Hell.
Parked cars running,
on a track destined forward
rising behind a long narrow snake 
tediously waiting to move.
One person per car sits
on the phone,
reading mail,
staring off

Time slowly ticks by
Five minutes

Finally movement, but…no
Moving along like trained mice
in slow mo.
bumper to bumper crawling
Stop and Go!
a true test of patience
a test to authenticate parents
before the front of the line.

A line where there is an end
coming around the bend
Marked by a child playing
the waiting game….  

River 10/10

* Posted for One Shot Wednesday  week 15
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Brian Miller said...

so what level of dante's inferno is this...hell would be stuck in the car while a long line of people miss that lights talking on their cell phones...and hte road is crowded...smiles. nice one shot!

River said...

Lol!Yours sounds like a line from hell too. :) We all have one somewhere in our stories. Mine was this line. I say 'was' because I have changed this daily chore of mine. It wasn't just the wait for me, the polluting and waste of the wait ate at my continuous.I still have to endure once and a while this line but it's not everyday.
The waiting game had to be addressed at the same time. A part of everyones life from children to elders. Dr Suess has a great read on the subject.:)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Glad you dont have to do this every day! Well done.

Anonymous said...

What a test of patience to wait in those kind of lines and traffic! I know you much prefer poetic lines. cheers. Excellent One Shot!

Ben Langhinrchs said...

I've spent too much time in those lines, waiting, often for a grumpy teenager who greets me with "What took you so long?"

ninotaziz said...

I have them at all stages...
The grumpy teenagers
The sensitive teen-to-be
The 'too smart but adorable' kindy-goer
The 4 year old whizz-around-the-house
Getting everyone in and out the car is an eternity - and can only be attempted once a week.

Asobime said...

This is the REALITY of parenthood...something we miss at times.

Good OneShot.

Lady Nyo

Strummed Words said...

Waiting in line is really a hell, especially for parents on the go. Nicely said!

Eric Alder said...

I've been in that line. It's no wonder people take their sweet time once it's finally their turn - it's their 'revenge' on the line - which is what makes it a self-perpetuating evil.

Interesting One Shot, River!

Claudia said...

the waiting game....having 3 children myself, i know exactly what you're talking about...i hate waiting..i hate lines..but i love your poem!!

Scott said...

Good One Shot. This reminds me of my commute to work yesterday morning. *Shudder*

thigerbaby said...

Lines are such a waste of time....and cars are the worst things to be in a line....I really like your poems and the image they conjured in my head ;)

Anonymous said...

Invite you to try the prompts at Writer's Island

Anonymous said...

@Brian thanks for the laugh. I referenced Dante today (I do all the time) anyway, this is a great write River. This frustration I think is universal, no? Love and Light, Sender

Anonymous said...

you portrayed it perfectly! every kolkata dweller knows it.

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