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Monday, October 25, 2010

Tea with Fuller and a Few More

Wouldn’t it be something
to be at a
Transcendentalism meeting
back in the day with
that would be amazing.

I would fit right in
challenging conventional thought,
challenging each other to
think outside the box
write even better.

I can see it now...
My arms flaring,
eyes glowing,
thoughts pouring,
passion uttered
with every word.

That is when I got a word in
with all those philosophical minds.

Protesting 19th Century
Culture and Society.
Resisting conformity from
Unitarian Doctrines,
Harvard Intellectuals.
Writing and debating for
Freedoms of thought,
Religion, and person.

I would be friends with
Margaret Fuller.
Two women
among a few more
in a group of men.
voicing their thoughts,
their opinions
for the centuries of women
that were hushed
and would be for
and still are.

All of them at the table
living way before their times.
The strength,
the perseverance
it took for them to continue
opening the doors for
You and I.
People were laughing at them,
others shunning them,
a few applauding.
While, we will never know
how many hid away
with their writings.

I would love to tell them
their writings are studied today,
praised for the thought and work.
I would love to tell them
they were a part of change,
Inspirational to many,
Revolutionary to thought.

I need to tell them
The truth about Indians.
Misunderstood and
unjustly Romanticized
their time through my time.

It would be something
to go back in time
and have tea with
All the members of the
Transcendental Club.

It would be something,
Even if I could only tell them
Thank You!

©River 6/2010


Myrna R. said...

It certainly would be something to go back in time and wallow in the brilliance of those minds.

Your poem depicts a melancholy yearning. Really enjoyed it.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, River! I loved this! I was right back there with you, meeting those amazing minds, listening to you telling them what they didn't know about your people. I love the originality of the concept of this poem, and you wrote it so well. I really liked the circling back to the premise of tea with Thoreau in the final lines to make the poem come full circle. Really good writing!

Anonymous said...

A powerful wish list, and a great idea for a poem.

River said...

Thank you for your nice words. :)

Sherry..i love their work but found myself annoyed and peeved at how they viewed Indians. I know the time, BA AIS's, but them too with their open minds. Yeah...they'd listen and most likely change their minds when they learned the truth. If I could get back there. Geez, think how that would change history.

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