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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Milkweed Fritters and Sumac Ice Tea

Our appetites are awakened
from the smells of food
cooking over an open fire.
A dinner gathered
with our bare hands,
caught by pole.
A meal of survival and skill
tickling taste buds
we dig in…

watercress, dandelion, and sorrel
salad topped with raspberries
Milkweed fritters and Sumac ice tea
violets and wild rose delicate with beauty
fried Rainbow Trout with boiled
wild onion and arrowhead bulbs
yellow goats beard, and nettles
steamed with wild ginger

nibbling on wintergreen
we lean back, content
gently holding hands
absorbing the beauty
our fingers begin to play
joining an orchestra of music
a symphony by the river
painted in sunset blaze
a hawk calls for her mate
the last petal curls to bed
our lips meet
bursting with passion
wrapped in your arms
in bliss, I am.

                                           ©River 10/10

*Posted for One Shot Wednesday #16~ One Stop Poetry
image thanks to google images


Timoteo said...

Delightful "survivalist" poetry!

Brian Miller said...

wow that sounds like quite the amazing dinner...and to eat it out by the river with one that you love...perfect. smiles. nice one shot!

Anonymous said...

Nature grants us so much in thought/life/nourishment, and the sweetnesses of simplicity, such a delight to read your work...very very well done! :) April

moondustwriter said...

Survival and sweet love under the stars all wrapped in one poem - mmm

Nice One Shot

Just a reminder that we would love you to enter the One Stop Competition (ends oct 22).

Moon Smiles

ninotaziz said...

bursting with passion
wrapped in your arms
in bliss, I am.

I love the whole picture, River.

Shashi said...

Very intersting and good imagination..thanks for sharing... River

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Claudia said...

what a passionate dinner by the river..great flow and wonderful imagery..getting hungry..and not only for food..

Eric Alder said...

Wonderfully heartfelt One Shot, River!

Pete Marshall said...

passion food and the outdoors...a great mix and so well written..cheers pete

dustus said...

Your poem stirs the stomach, as well as the appetite for romance. Well done One Shot!

River said...

Thank you everyone. :)
This is exaggerated truth from way back.

Steve said...

Solid "food = passion" poem.

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