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Saturday, January 29, 2011

behind closed doors & Reality a Fucked Up Justice

These two poems are written for the survivors of sexual assault. They are written to address the violent crimes committed every second somewhere in the world. 

behind closed doors

little girls afraid of closed doors
uncles and dads,
brothers and family friends

young women living nightmares
pregnant by fathers
date raped and socially shunned

women cornered in daily fears
of husbands and dark streets
strangers and offers of a beer

legions of women and girls
victims of global crimes
violated in body and soul

some are left as empty shells
others run deep with denial
few for the most part are healed

scarred mothers make quiet promises
to baby girls and even boys
it ends with me-it won’t happen to you

they hope- they pray- they stay
forever vigilant
hushed behind closed doors.
1/11 River

Reality a Fucked Up Justice

On every corner around the globe, masses of women and children are survivors of horrendous acts. Violated in body and soul. 

These crimes, of the worst atrocity, are committed most commonly by family and friends. Strangers are next. 
surviving the crime is half their battle
the other half is a fucked up reality

We live in a man’s world where very few laws if any exist to protect woman and children, making it hard to fight for what is right.

Most often, a crime is blamed on the victim. Excuses are made for the perpetrators, ignoring their crimes, and closing the door leaving survivors bleeding once more.

finding their voice is risking what’s left
fighting for justice should be the next step

                                                                                                 River 1/11

version 2 is available with inquiry- goes deeper into the core root of sexual assault.


Societies hide the appalling numbers of woman and children behind closed doors. Stripping their voices out of fear or never calculating their numbers. These affect the statistics causing the number of victims to be known underestimated around the globe.

For statistics go to:

a reading of the poems


Anonymous said...

Scary and very real. 1 of every 6 American women are victims of (Reported)sexual assault.
Felt moved get some facts:

Thank you River for vocalizing this human tragedy.

River said...

I found 1 of every 3 American women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime.
In the US to every reported sexual assault 3 to 10 go unreported.
Every 20 seconds in South Africa a sex crime is committed.

I do need to say that I am a survivor and justice was there when I was a child (rare) but not as an adult. I tried to prosecute but between single individual biases (doctor and detective) and the laws that were not there to help me, I was unable....I know I wasn't their first and I wont be their last.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, a brave and powerful post, River. It is a harsh reality, for certain. Way to go for putting a face and voice to it. It needs to be talked about.

River said...
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River said...

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