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Thursday, January 20, 2011

a river stone

he carries a stone in his pocket
a dull cream with speckles of black
irregular in shape
small enough
to lie in the center of his palm.

he carries a stone in his pocket
a treasure found on their first walk
absorbed in essence
her beauty
in the elements of its design.
                        River 1/11

A special treat posted this week:  A Path of Wrath the fifth duel poem  by Charles Martin and I   :)

posted for One Shoot Wednesday week 30 at One Stop Poetry ~go check it out


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

As an occasional collector of stones (See: Stones), this really hit home with me.

I've never found one that made me think of a special person (except Mother Earth, of course), but I've found some that are special in their own right.

Like this one: Petosky Stone

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful....and romantic......sigh. I am a stone collector too, always have pockets full! Beautiful poem, River!

flaubert said...

Such beauty in your words.

Claudia said...

oh - much, much more than just a stone...this was beautiful river..absorbing..

Jingle said...


River said...

Thank you! :) I am one of those rock collectors myself. Rocks, crystals, and precious stones have special spots throughout my home. Since, I was a girl I have collected agates and have coffee cans full of them from all the years. I plan on creating special stepping stones to the door of the house I buy some day. :) I too seem to somehow have pockets with a stone or two that has called my name when I come sometimes.

Anonymous said...

love the strong, clear images and wording.

Brian Miller said...

a totem of memory bet he has rubbed it smooth...nice one shot

dustus said...

Guess I'm not alone in collecting stones. Lovely poem. I almost missed the part that says it is a duel with Charles. Awesome. Will have to see what he wrote too.

Timoteo said...

Loved it. I am one who believes stones can carry special meaning.

LauraX said...

This makes me think of my daughters...collectors of stones where ever we go, from the time they were tiny. Each stone carries memories of a time, a place for them. Beautifully written River.

Old Ollie said...

An all too rare romanatic ideal.

hedgewitch said...

Keepsakes are reminders of not just a person, but a feeling and a state of being. You capture that well here in a simple and romantic piece.

Kavita said...

I think this is the most romantic thing I have ever seen/read! Some people are so special that everything about them simply MUST be treasured and cherished!

A lovely write, River... felt this one!

Steve Isaak said...

Wonderful interaction of image and charm.

Carys said...

I know I commented on this on the group River but just wanted to reiterate that I absolutely love it. I think this might be my favourite of yours I've read. Love the colour in the first stanza and the depth in the second. Just beautiful.

River said...

Thank you! :)

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