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Thursday, January 6, 2011

cynical virus ~ Haiku

cynical virus
caught a hopeless romantic
love kicked its bad ass


2wolvz said...

awesome !! love it when the bad element is over come by love

Eric Alder said...

Romantics are always susceptible to such viruses... comes with having an open heart, I guess.

Cynicism dies hard, lingering far
too long. But it's better dead.

Nice haiku, River!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yay for the hopeless romantic kicking cynicism's bad ass! Great writing!

Hope said...

awesome! left me with a great feeling!
thank you

Anonymous said...

this is badass!

warmest salad in cold january

Luke x

River said...

twowolvz- yeah I wonder who caused the love that overcame the negative. ;) lol

Eric- their always trying to take us romantics down gosh darn bad for them.

Sherry- oh ya!

Hope- :) that makes me happy. :)

Luke- damn right! :) Now time to kick some more ass..theres plenty negative out there. lol

Asobime said...

True, true...and it made me laugh!

Lady Nyo...who has a virus, but not cynical...Or maybe.

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