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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~Sunday Matinee

An afternoon at Tiffany’s
a three o’clock showing
a Sunday matinee

slid down low in her seat
buried in her baggy sweats

a tub of popcorn in her lap
a pad of paper lying near
along side a poets pen.

The movie begins
her reel spins

expressions play
classic tunes
of form and style
up dos and red lips

blends of matching words
thoughts in rhyming flow
sways of sparkling bling

united in moving strings
mirrors of dancing wings

hanging off the balcony
on the second floor.

The words of ones own breath
can they be measured
by you or me?

what is good poetry?

a love of words....

exploding words
coating white paper
ending the show

         posted for One Shot Wednesday week 32 at One Stop Poetry
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Ella said...

I enjoyed this; I love theaters, practically grew up in one! Wonderfully written~

Hope said...

i love this, River!

I felt like I was right there in the theater with my pen and paper.

wonderful flow!
thank you

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Love it, River, can almost taste the popcorn.

Chris G. said...

I don't know, I prefer Breakfasts at Tiffany's to afternoons...

Alright, so that was a bad joke. Fun piece though - carried me away to the theater, where I've so often wished my own "poet's pen" were there beside me. Such inspiration can appear on those glittering screens. Enjoyable piece I think everyone in this generation can relate to. Here's to the matinee!

Brian Miller said...

good poetry comes from the heart of the one writing...but who am i to judge...smiles.

LauraX said...

I love the romance and simple story lines of old movies...and the elegance of Audrey just cannot be topped. Beautifully written...I too had the sensation of sitting there in the theater with you:)

hedgewitch said...

A satisfying blend of formal and contemporary language, and I like it that the writer isn't too snobby to watch old movies and see poetry in the corn, popped and otherwise. Enjoyed the night at the theater.

Ghostdog said...

"The words of ones own breath..."
You are hitting a very important point in Poerty and Critisism here, by this question within your poem. Perfect climax for this lovely piece of work. Nicely done.

Asobime said...

You transported me right next to you, River...popcorn and all...

Lady Nyo

Beachanny said...

I love that movie - with all its bad bits, she was the best and worst to be cast in the part of that earthy Texas girl - so much a princess but she made it her own as she did most of her films and I love that it finds a new audience all the time. Great piece here, River. Really enjoyed it.

Andreas said...

"her reel spins" - is a wonderful line. truly wonderful!

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

THIS is good poetry, River.

Honest, emotional, questioning...

(Does that answer your question?)

Claudia said...

i was right there..popcorn and all..and i loved the of words exploding...coating paper and ending the

Shashi said...

Dear River
Yes the words of one's own breath... is actually a good poetry... I liked the atmosphere that you have created here.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Anonymous said...


I love this! Feel honoured to see the stages of development your piece went through..and the title is fantastic...Sunday Matinee

Great One Shot...Diggin' your poetry

love love love

Kavita said...

Aaahhh... what a lovely tribute to the theater, art AND to poetry!!
Reading this makes wanna book tickets to another Broadway musical now... woohoo!!
Thanks for this beautiful One Shot, River!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Good one, River!


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