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As I walk along in life, my muses dance with reflection inspiring me to release the thoughts and emotions of my pondering mind through poetry.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Power of Song

Sing, let your voice
fly free and strong
joining together in
the power of song

Drum, heartbeats rise
echoing old ways
mothers listen
the spirits praise

Women and song
that is our way
drumming together
grandmothers say

They teach us the ways
to sing with our voice
drum with our hearts
love and rejoice

Women rise be strong
for girls listen
to the power of song.

©River Maria Urke 11/10

dedicated to Oshkii Giizhik and all women hand drummers Miigwech~ thank you

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moments of Sunrise

A vessel of flowing warmth
swirls of vibrant hues
uncovering dark corners
with moments of quivers.
Delicate petals waltz
around the guarded grotto
as solid walls, tighten
breathlessly with every twirl.
The waltz quickens
as waters churn,
the mouth of the cave
wets from within.
                ©River 12/10

 posted for One Shot Wednesday week 26 at One Stop Poetry
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Paralysis Times Three

The first time, I woke all numb
 equally from my knees down
traveling up and stopping
 at the bottom of my ribs.

I found my own therapy
and in no time at all
I left the hospital walking
 all weak and tingly-legged.

We road tripped west and on the way
I built up my strength with Hackie Sacs,
 soaked my legs in Hot Springs,
then tingly I ran the Oregon coast.
The second time, my feet hurt real bad,
my left big toe was numb.
Later that day, it moved
equally from my knees down.

It rose up my body and stopped
at the bottom of my ribs but
this time it jumped to my hands.
 I was three months pregnant.
They said it was caused by my head.

I perfected my own therapy
walking once more.
I left the Hospital knowing
it would be awhile until the tingly left again.
The third and final time at last I knew why
I was numb and tingly, unable to stand.
I faced the battle more angry than afraid,
a relapse from MS different then the rest.

I felt tremendous pain
 to mind boggling extreme.
At times it could have flipped me out
however, I was stronger no doubt
with morphine on my side.

I pulled out my therapy like a pro ready to walk
even so, this time I changed, damage had been done.
I had a limp to the right and no feeling in the left.
That’s when I made up mind this was the final one.
An unexplainable pattern of age
has followed me for nearly twenty years.
Afflicting me every five,
leaving me temporarily paralyzed.

Until this last round of five
the pattern took a dive
and I flew right by
the pattern of five.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Snow Crystals~ Sedoka

     Snow Crystals

tiny cold crystals
mystery of innocence
a fragile dance by thousands

ivory key notes
reveal treasures of beauty
they dance into formations
                              River 12/10

Sedoka is two katauta poems put together. Each katauta is a 5 7 7 syllable count and can stand on its own. They can be any length and are considered mood poems-for feelings and songs.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Stone Nordic Theater
by moonlight is barren,
except for the latest Graffiti
and once in a while a
drifter borrows a night,
soothed by crashing waves
and the hum of the city.

By daylight, the stone
reveals its cold, empty stage,
a webbing of jagged cracks
crumbling from neglect.
The stonewalls hold memories
wrapped  in aged grape vines
flowing from crevice to crevice
near a woman dangling her legs
over the edge.

An edge of the mossy wall
overlooking the mighty waters
behind the Nordic theater.
She contemplates choice
with tear streaked cheeks
watching the brewing storm,
the swell of rolling waters
crashing against rocks
wails against stonewalls
echoes through the theater.


posted for One Shot Wednesday week 25 at One Stop Poetry ~ check out more poetry

rewrite~ between two realms~ video

This is a rewrite of between two realms presented in video. The original poem is in the archive.

posted for One Shot Wednesday for One Stop Poetry

Friday, December 17, 2010

between two realms

with every bend in the country road
the voice of a distant grace grows louder
guiding the woman forward as she nears
a field the voice becomes a whisper,
she stops in a cloud of dust and parks,
rising in the haze of an autumns dusk,
she ventures out into the field.

framed in pinks and hues of brown
a herd of deer graze on fallen corn
a gentle crisp wind sails
through grasses and layers pale
meandering footprints worn
a destiny laid out since she was born. 

darkening rays crawl across the sky
playing shadows with her eyes
she glides closer as they begin  
slowly moving, their pace quickening
she swiftly falls in behind, closing
her eyes, letting intuition guide
traveling towards the ravine.

winding down the hardened walls
passing through the door of realms
under the archway in between
they enter a timeless place of magic
where free verse rings true all classic.

gracing the powers of the unknown
she stands back watching, listening
a flutes sweet melody soars
waltzing notes of violins spinning
streams of conversations willing.

joining in thought and verse
one human among dozens of deer
contemplating life and walls of fear
around a table spread of a does delight.

dangling lanterns dim as beats quicken
to the pondering movements of the drum
pulsations of rhythmic echo’s
mingling trails of new beginnings
carry songs and dance with lots of cheer
an evening of festivities with the deer.

12/10 River Maria Urke

a rewrite can be found on video

Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Heartbeats

Two heartbeats steal innocent touches upon
cheek and thigh
undressing one another with their eyes.
He whispers sweet words between breaths
of everyday terms as she watches them form
on his lips, dreaming of their sweet kiss.

Two heartbeats borrow moments of time
snatching reasons of sharing presence,
knowing rings of wall stand in between
holding back thoughts clawing to be free.

Two heartbeats skip beats of forgetful rights
longing, he touches her flowing hair,
they pass quick glances of passionate desiring
sneaking kisses in shadows of yesterdays hiding.

Two heartbeats stand in the entrance of reality
stepping from the realms of fantasy,
they face their pasts of fear and choice
breathing free thoughts of wandering hands.

Two heartbeats trace the movements of the other
outlines of moist lips upon sweet nakedness
intertwined beauty of whispering wonders
two heartbeats are lost in the mists of the other.

posted for One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry week 24
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Gaagaaiwa Enwed ~A Raven Calls

Ninoondawidiz gaagaaiwag inwe
I hear the Raven call

asaawe gichi miskwawakikaandag aka owabandanan
perched high in the great red pine, she waits

bizindaw. Nandotaw na’idaa azhigwa
listening. Listening for the right moment

googi niisayi’ii miniwa biidon nibwaakaa ikidowinan.
to swoop down and deliver a message.

Nibwaakaa ikidowinan ninoondawidizamin inwe,
A message for the ones that hear her call,

nindonjibaamin gichi miskwawakikaandag.
the ones that come to the great red pine.

Gaagaaiwag enwed
A Raven calls.

Ginoondaw ina?
Do you hear her?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I begin this post with a reading of the prose Grateful. I feel it is a piece that has to be heard not just read.

People ask me if it sucks to have MS. If life is really hard, especially; being a single mom too. What can you say to that? “No! It’s a snap!” or “I barely make it! I have no idea what to do any more.”

Neither of those answers works for me. I don’t want to be too revealing or a drama queen. I want to strive for balance and be more honest with fewer words. Is that possible?

I used to think MS was a burden upon my life. Always taking something away from me and leaving nothing in return. I felt my legs get weaker and my fingers loose feeling. I felt my pride lessen and my confidence dwindle.

Then one day, I realized I had it all wrong. My daughter and I were complaining about how much it sucked that MS interfered with our lives. I needed a relaxing quiet home day and my daughter wanted to spend the day at the beach. We were both disappointed in our own ways in our own corners. Then it dawned on me, it all mattered how you were looking at it. At another angle it could look quit different.
I began to reflect to the day my legs stopped running and I received the gift of a slow pace in all its entirety. I glanced down at my hands and thought of how they used to create works of beads and wood but clumsiness took root in them and now words bounce forth. I pivoted to be face to face with my daughter and remembered how lucky I am to walk with her throughout her day.

It took awhile for my eyes to open and for me to recognize the life teaching lessons that I am acquiring living with MS. It is so much easier to notice what is disappearing from ones life and a great deal harder to see what one is gaining from living with a disability.

I am grateful for receiving such treasures!


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Saturday, December 4, 2010

a chalice of faith~ duel poetry

This is the fourth poem Charlie/slpmartin and I have wrote together.  :)
Duel Poetry a prearranged poetry writing challenge  between two people to evolve a new poem where each writer must respond to the other writer’s lines  (4 -5 ) until both parties agree that the poem is complete.

 Charlie has an audio reading and 
below i have a video reading. 

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