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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K - Keep Sakes and K - Kinetic Art

occasions and people
experiences that touch our souls 
as keep sakes to help us 
remember their 
along our way.

Kinetic Art
Known for it’s use of motion
interwoven with aesthetic touch
necessity of being powered
energy is a must
techniques and style overlap
intersecting with parts and gears
creating all together- art in motion.

An art of dimensions of two and three
radical drawings begin
tomorrows sculptures of Kinetic Art.

*an acrostic poem spells out something with the first letter in each line. 
Each line a sentence describing that something or someone.


Misha Gerrick said...

Nicely done! Particularly the acrostic about kinetic art. I loved that one.


Brian Miller said...

very nice...i have many of those keepsake moments tucked away...and nice acrostic as well!

Hope said...

oh, very nice, River!
so very well expressed!

i think the acrostic form is fun to do! great write!

love your K word!

ayala said...


River said...

Thank you :)

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