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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Game of God

A player rises as
the Earth cracks beneath
the spilt blood of our fathers.

He rises craving a power
believed to be touchable.
A superior power one might
win playing the Game of God.

He falls as another takes
his place and the rains pour,
our mothers wail into the wind.

Their cries are carried to another
that tries to play the game
with power of control they reign
using fear and force.

Players keep coming and falling
believing the powers are real
that they are the ones to win
yet, naive of our will to fight.

A secret lies in the Game
hidden in powers of trickery
a person is easily fooled
by the imaginations of the mind.

River 3/11

In connection with the April publication of Rivers Ruminations
the American Eugenics Movement and Eugenic Philosophy

posted for One Shot Wednesday week  40 at One Stop Poetry
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*Rivers Ruminations is a quarterly column I have wrote for two and a half years.


Bubba said...

Nice piece, River!

(Dali rules!)

Brian Miller said...

wow this is deep...and calls to the game we all find ourselves and how we are willing to play it and maybe how far we are willing to go...nice.

dustus said...

I read your most of your post about the novel and did not have chance to comment. Was wondering if you would write a poem about the subject. Excellent write. Eye-opening to realize the extent of notions of superiority in the US. Never learned any of that in AP History class.

Anonymous said...

Very lucid and amazing depth to it! Great write:)

The Poet said...

Loved your imagery for this one.
Great introduction to your profile also.

Marshy said...

great poem...and one of my favourite Dali's..loved this...pete

Anonymous said...

I like it.

Catherine Mackie said...

Like this a lot River. xxx

hedgewitch said...

Well done, and an excellent look at the way another culture takes a much closer look below the shallow surafce of things than ours.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this peice the more I read it River, and having read it a few times now, it keeps comeing back to haunt me who are we to play god with anyone? Means more tonight because I ran over a frog on my way home and I believe in karma!

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