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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Bird with a Bad Rap

Old Europe permeated with fear,
evil lurked in shadows
people thought, Crazed in fright
superstitions swarming
bad omens dispersing
protection for the paranoid.

A bird was trapped for evil deeds
Omens were wrapped in their flight
Seeing two gave bad luck,
one meant death was tonight.

Misconstrued through fears
an intelligent and cunning bird
found guilty for hundreds of years.

Stories traveled of the bird
by folk lore they flew
with the dark side children heard.

A bird misread even now
superstitions gone away
dirty replaced evil
bad is still around today.

Don’t you think the time is here
for the bad rap
on the crow to finally disappear?

River 10/10

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A bird of many created disguises
kept in stories by cultures and times.
Observed by some taking care of its sick,
deemed protectors of their children and home.
Others who closely listened to them commune
believe them to be a passer of knowledge
they say Stop and listen when they caw.

Even so, to the ones who run the show
this intelligent and cunning bird
is no more then a foul, dirty,
scavenger you chase
with a broom.

Come on, stop and listen to the crow
they have more to teach then you know.

River 10/10

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Philip Thrift said...

Great odes to crows!

Ben Langhinrichs said...

Never really thought about crows getting a bad rap, but you have a point. Nice poems.

Brian Miller said...

ah perhaps my crows last week got the bad rap...if they would jsut stay out of the corn field...smiles. nice one shot.

dustus said...

"Misconstrued through fears.." Something afoul borne of misunderstanding. You convince me of an unwarranted bad rap.

Shashidhar Sharma said...

I agree with your words on the bad rap on Crows... it still is prevalent in India...
I enjoyed your words a lot..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

TALON said...

River, I wrote a poem about the crows and ravens last year with that same idea in mind - that they have a bad rap. I loved these! The birds have such a strong image link to the other realm that it's imbedded in our psyches I think. But they are intelligent birds and beautiful, too.

Timoteo said...

It's not only crows that I've heard singing bad rap!

Claudia said...

definitely yes! my grandfather used to tell us bad crow stories and i was so afraid as a child..

Bubba said...

Ravens and crows continue to be used as visual omens of doom and death in movies. They are also highly intelligent and can be trained to do tricks.

Nice to see somebody giving them their props! Fun One Shot, RR!

Monkey Man said...

You are so right - crows and ravens have a bad rap. Great One Shot.

Here is my contribution to One Shot this week - The Touch

tuberider said...

I must admit I love the title: The Bird with a bad rap

It works so well on so many levels.

Amanda said...

Never really given any thought about have given me food for thought dear one. Great write xx

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love your crow poems:)

Chris G. said...

Here's to the crows, because even birds can be misunderstood. Must be terrible to get type-cast into the continual omen of death and gloom.

Great poem!

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