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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z ~ Zeroed Out & Zone

Zeroed Out

her head whips around
to the ring of the phone
freezing still
she knows it’s him

calling again
to say he will be late
never to actually show

this time
she doesn’t answer.

 ©River 4/11


waiting for the zone
smack dab
sitting in the mid
of a challenge

digging for ideas
each day
a poem A to Z
the pressures on 

stuck at letter G
although here comes 
H gliding along

puzzled I notice
both are carried
by my writing Zone.

 ©River 4/11

Friday, April 29, 2011

Y ~ Your Eyes....

Your Eyes 

Have you looked in the mirror recently?
really, really looked
at the person reflected back?
beyond your laugh lines and crows feet
digging deeper than your thoughts
lying buried in your soul
is a beautiful you
waiting to be found
among layers of self doubt
shinning in your moments of silence .
Do you see it?
I see your beauty.
It is reflected in your eyes.

                                    ©River 4/11

Thursday, April 28, 2011

X ~ X-rated

Can you imagine life
where nothing is rated X

in a time, a place
where men don’t gawk at a breast
and a woman doesn’t shrivel back
at the site of a penis

in a time, a place
where the body is not
a shameful vessel of sin

in a time of no exploitation
in a place just like here
where nothing X-rated exists.

            ©River 4/11

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W ~ Wails Rise

                                                                Wails Rise

wails rise
as tears flood
and dreams crash
of a deep love

the chance to be
without tangled webs
of weak threads

no time to
grow the strength
to sail through the hard
and open to the sun

wails rise
as tears flood
and dreams crash

 of a lost love

                                                            ©River 4/11

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V ~ Voices


A scratchy whisper
tingles behind
echoing words
only meant for her.

To young to know
the meaning
not cultured
for understanding.

She fears the voice
begging it
to leave her alone.

An ancient path of
she’ll learn
in years to come.

            ©River 4/11

Monday, April 25, 2011

U ~ Unable to Stand

As it is today
some sixteen years back
on a Sunday morning in early spring,
I remember waking up
tingly and numb
with a pain the same
as when your foot falls asleep
from my rib cage down.

I was 21
Unable to stand
Scared out of my mind.

 ©River 4/11

Saturday, April 23, 2011

T ~ truths hidden behind the mask

you caught my eye
intriguing me
with your poetic words
and warm smile

I opened my closed door
hesitant to trust

we shared morning moments
reading poetry until
we landed on the bed
locking in passion beyond words

you captured my heart
swept me off my feet
with your gracious hands
and warm heart

kissing me tenderly
caressing me with artist hands
you whispered beautiful words
full of promises

I opened my locked heart

feeling something was not right
I listening to you instead of me
only to learn some months in

you were a lie.

                  ©River 4/11

Thursday, April 21, 2011

R ~ Ring around the Rosy

Ring around the Rosy

A nursery rhyme
passed down to us
we teach our children
young to sing and play

not really ever knowing
what it truly means
not really ever caring
it’s a nursery rhyme

How bad could it be?

Ring around the rosy
with a pocket full of poesy
ashes, ashes
we all fall down

the children go
around and  around
till ashes and ashes
they all fall down
giggling with joy
wanting to go again
and again.

A nursery rhyme
telling a story of a plague
full of puss and death
infected sores
burning the sick
high above ground
while ashes fall.

Ring around the rosy
with a pocket full of posy
ashes, ashes
we all fall down

  River 4/11

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q - Quantum Riders

riders sail the
seas of matter with all
energy needed to travel
between realm to quantum realm
an electromagnetic leap
of faith in abstract math
forces and gravity
turn theory in

Rictameter - the meter pattern (syllables per line) is 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2.. First and last lines are identical.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P - Portraits of an Unsure Mind

moments for reflection
slowly pass
through snapshots of dawn
the shade of closed times opens

exposing you chained to a reality
of my invented fantasy
how much of you is a dream

that stands before me wrapped
in your images of self
you are a stranger
a dream I fell in love with

reflection of choice
slowly forms
through decision of desire
the door closes before you

hiding your faults from reason
fooling the mirage
you are more than a dream

that stands before me painted
to my liking
you are a creation
a man I can love

choice in moments
slowly transpire
through ugly patterns of yours
my bundle of self-love shrinks

it’s time to see reality
accept the fact
you are not my dream man

that stands before me naked
in faults
you are real
a man I love, yes, but

are you the man for me?

   *** *** ** *** ***
moments of reflection in choice

Monday, April 18, 2011

O - Oracle of the Feminine

Our time has come to stand tall
united in a revolution of change
a collective of feminine voices
saying, No More!

It is time we take back our bodies
create a resolution to change
the expected and learn to accept
everyone is born their own way
beautiful in their own skin.

It is time to stop participating
in the games of a perfect image
starving for anothers body
an average that does not exist.

It is time to love and cherish
yourself, believe you were born 
beautiful in your own way  
for your daughter is watching.

It is time for you to remember 
where you came from 
to say thank you to your mother,
your grandmothers and aunts,
all the women that wore
the body you were born to wear.
                                    © River 4/11

care for a reading by video

posted for One Shot Wednesday week 42 by One Stop Poetry~ clck and come join the fun    

Saturday, April 16, 2011

N - Nearly Fading

Waves of emotion blaze
binding them tightly
in the wraths of silence.

Drops of tears stain
their paths of choice.
In mere moments
before they fade away

hands reach out to touch 
as they search
for the strength and will
to try once more.

Joined by dancing eyes
their lips lock in a kiss
that stops time ….

    ©River 4/11

Friday, April 15, 2011

M- My Mom

My Mom

love pours from a gracious soul
I aim to become.

My mama Rocks!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

L - Life to you

Life to you is a game
of cards with bets
and twists in trickery.

Silently, you play
a manipulative game
to get what you want

no morals or rules
you lie and scheme
aiming to fool.

You played me good
in your game of hearts

Conniving the strikes
to keep me unaware
of whom you truly are.

I gave you my heart
and you locked it away
starving for love.

Still, you twisted me
in your game of hearts

playing the upper hand
manipulating me until 
the day I wake 

blinders off and instincts on
seeing your every move
I call your bluff and win the pot

facing the real you with
my piercing eyes 
I take back my broken heart  

you have lost me forever
in your game of hearts

                    © River 4/11

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K - Keep Sakes and K - Kinetic Art

occasions and people
experiences that touch our souls 
as keep sakes to help us 
remember their 
along our way.

Kinetic Art
Known for it’s use of motion
interwoven with aesthetic touch
necessity of being powered
energy is a must
techniques and style overlap
intersecting with parts and gears
creating all together- art in motion.

An art of dimensions of two and three
radical drawings begin
tomorrows sculptures of Kinetic Art.

*an acrostic poem spells out something with the first letter in each line. 
Each line a sentence describing that something or someone.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J - Jabberings of a normal Mom

Days have gone by
with no words to another
that stands over 4 ft tall

she lives in a world of
two year old vocab and
hours of legos and dolls.

An errand offers her a change
a chance to exchange
normality with other adults

even thou days can often mean
adult lingo has slipped away fast
words have left the room and panic

releases mouthfuls of jabbering
on everything under the moon.

The store clerk hands her the receipt
half-smiling, exhausted, he says,
 “Have a nice day!”

© River 4/11

Monday, April 11, 2011

I - Involved in Nothing

See that man laying over there
fading into the bench
disappearing amongst the lines
he has forgot how to live
and involves himself in nothing.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

H- Herds of Cali

Block by palm tree block
I keep walking, expecting  
to find the end where the
crowds lessen, but it does
not stop continuously 
blending as one multi-
plying infrastructure 
dotting every morsel of
sand on this edge. I turn 
east hoping for a place of 
few people, a quiet nook 
for a moment to breath. 
Only to learn people are 
everywhere in this land 
of sun.

Friday, April 8, 2011

G- Gritty Moments of Truth

well, here I am traveling life’s path
among the foothills of Mt Ziibi
carrying way too many belongings
teetering with upward steps

around midday, it's time to break
near a pool of a mountain stream
splashing my flushed cheeks, I sit
contemplating all I am carrying.

It’s hard not to laugh at myself
clinging to material as if its flesh
so many memories intertwined
with the weights that hold me back.

                                        © River 4/11

Thursday, April 7, 2011

F- Finding his Freak

I bet few of you know
what I mean by freak.
A term a girlfriend passed
my way with a tweak

a distasteful behavior
unacceptable by most
endured by some
every man has a ghost.

some are minor and cute
others are majorly lifelong
some totally match yours
others are completely wrong.

Its your job to find his freak
then ask if you think you can
live with his critique
and make him your man.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E- Eccentricity 101-[ rewrite 4/12

eccentricity 101

we observe and mimic others to learn the ways of our
people. we learn to conform to mold and transform 
ourselves for we notice young the fears people have of 
difference and how they treat the different.

even so, a few daring teens break free of the mold playing a 
balancing act on the edge of conformity with some extreme.

we all pass the borders of age into adulthood. a majority 
continue following conformed playing the roles that walk 
the mainstream, the societal pieces.

a few ride a personal wave of freedom and adventure 
while dancing to their own eccentric beats.

many fall somewhere in-between and of these some are 
eccentrics beginning to bloom learning to live from their 
passions. the different labeled the odd, unusual, and freaky.

some eccentrics live on the societal outskirts, happy
others learn to walk both worlds, playing the game. 
without either, our world would not be the same

for the eccentric are often the inventors and the dreamers
the ones who bring change.           

posted for One Shot Wednesday week 41 at One Stop Poetry~ come check it out  :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D- Dreams of an unhappy Girlfriend

You are in the hands
of an expert
willing and bendable

with a twist to the inside
instead of changing the outside.
A make-over of sorts

curbing your fears
knocking you with sense
teaching you the art of love.

Though you seem to lack
a quality un-teachable
totally unreachable
invisible at first

a quality I insist upon
without- it's time
for you to move on!

sincerely your

Monday, April 4, 2011

C- Camel Wides

fourteen and smoking
thinking  we were the coolest
puffing on Camels

hidding in alleys
sharing one between many
smelling like cigs.


living an image                                         
twisted of sales and money
societal lie.                                    


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Versatile Award & 7 facts

Thank you Hope from Poetry by Hope ~~~to know is nothing at all to imagine is everything ~anonymous~ for this award. I humbly accept it.

I am suppose to pick 15 people to which I believe should receive this award as well. I have never understood the high number of winners for some awards. So, being the rebel I am :) I am going to choose three people as winners of the Versatile Award.

Also, upon accepting this award, I am suppose to reveal 7 facts about myself. here it goes

I was taught to meditate at eleven from a Didi in orange.
I know things I shouldn't sometimes
 I hate dishes.
I have a fear of motorcycles I want to work through.
I struggle with gaining weight.
I am pretty good at spiting and taught my daughter the tricks.
I'm regaining the ability to draw.  :)

So here are my chosen few :)

thank you once again Hope.  :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

B- Backwards Day

             he walks
         up the Mountain,
             blinded to rocks
                             and dips
                        along the way.

   He strolls with a pace of notice
         glancing at the smallest
                             of difference.
    The new amongst the familiar
        the old nearly forgotten
                It had been too long
     since he had a backwards day.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A- Attitude Adjustment

a highly contagious virus
runs rampant through schools
striking adolescents

infecting their mouths
and rolling their eyes

cringing adults
shake their heads why
spitting out no….

forgetting their time
adjusting attitudes.

River 4/1

The Game of God

A player rises as
the Earth cracks beneath
the spilt blood of our fathers.

He rises craving a power
believed to be touchable.
A superior power one might
win playing the Game of God.

He falls as another takes
his place and the rains pour,
our mothers wail into the wind.

Their cries are carried to another
that tries to play the game
with power of control they reign
using fear and force.

Players keep coming and falling
believing the powers are real
that they are the ones to win
yet, naive of our will to fight.

A secret lies in the Game
hidden in powers of trickery
a person is easily fooled
by the imaginations of the mind.

River 3/11

In connection with the April publication of Rivers Ruminations
the American Eugenics Movement and Eugenic Philosophy

posted for One Shot Wednesday week  40 at One Stop Poetry
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