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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Distant Lovers

Whichever way you read it at whatever given time pick your 
ending for this poem its your choice with this rhyme.

Distant Lovers

Across the vast deep waters on an Island in the sea,
her distant lover dwells in the land of Banshee.

A love of mind and soul as if tied with timeless thread.
An invisible connection held with everlasting breath spread.

A high wind blows his sails westward to her shore.
Their eyes for the first time will touch and explore.

Hours trail the day she waits for the dawn of a sailor’s lore.
She knows his ship is near; soon he shall land upon her shore.

Rising waves and birds galore tell him land is nearly found.
He panics with fear and guilt turning his sails back around.  

He passes no word of change leaving her hanging and unsure.
Death runs through her mind. She decides their love obscure.

Believing her love died that day, forever lost to her at sea.
She cuts her long hair releasing them both to be free.

He sails home, wails of his passion echo the beats of his life
overcome by thoughts of her, he has to leave his wife.

One night, he endured no more with mists of eve & ancient rites 
he yells her name into the wind, asking in prayer if time will 
change his flight.

Time answers his lonesome call,
Go to her, go to her now the gate of fate will open
 four dews of a morning and one night remain unbroken!”

At once, he set sail for her shore not thinking to send her word. 
He was lost in the world of Time, trapped inside his own absurd.

The third night he lands ashore asking for the house Mansur.
He finds his way to her door expecting her to answer.
She opens the door and there he stands. Confusion breaks out on 
her face. She goes to speak but he stops her, 
wraps his arms around and embraces her with dawn.
No one answers the door or looks out the window, no life
is visible at all. He slumps down on the porch to think
feeling beaten down by his own ambitious self.
She opens the door with a disturbing look of anger on
her face. The man she believed dead stood there smiling.
Taking a step back she tells him no! with the rising of dawn. 

© River 5/11

posted for One Shot Wednesday week 46 at One Stop Poetry


Jingle said...

three options to end your story,
how creative.

each one is unique
all of them are compelling.

well done, River.

Radhika said...

wow, novel idea with an option fro the reader to choose the ending.

MISH said...

Three imaginative ways in which to conclude the story ~ none of them offers up the "perfect" ending !
A great idea !!

Andy Mcdonald said...

The idea of reader's choice is original, yet all three endings, for all their difference, offer equal satisfaction. In short I can't choose! :D

Maggie said...

So clever! I like them all. Depending on my mood, I'd interchange the end. : ) : ( : /

Reflections said...

Each of us to choose, just which suits our mood... a beautiful change.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love having a choice of endings. I most liked the "No!" one, having chosen that ending in my own life:) Good one, River.

Anonymous said...

"Believing her love died that day, forever lost to her at sea.
She cuts her long hair releasing them both to be free."

I love this line, so absolutely powerful. Wonderful piece.

Timoteo said...

The romantic in me likes #1, but there's no denying that #3 is the most compelling!

moondustwriter said...

Excellent story and endings. I would have to chose #1 for the romantic in me has to see a new beginning

thanks for sharing with One Shot

Brian Miller said...

i am a hopeful romantic so i know which one i would pick...smiles...nice epic tale...

PattiKen said...

Nice. The romantic in me picks #1, but the woman says #3 is what he deserves.

ayala said...

Nicely done! :)

Hope said...

what a creative idea!

wonderful write! I think I pick #3

Beachanny said...

I fell right in. Like the broadside it could be, I took all three endings. I'm used to that. I grew up with folk music. All answers are equal and likely. Well done and well written. Gay

Marshy said...

#3 for me too....very well done...pete

Victoria said...

This takes me back to a time long ago, to a place of fantasy and mystery. Haunting atmosphere you create with these words.

signed...bkm said...

I have to go with the first ending the idea of 3 endings....really makes the reader think at the end...bkm

Olivia said...

Very very creative!
It made me think n think n thinking still!!

The second ending was dark.. the 1st one happy, the 3rd one.. a teaser for more to come perhaps!

Very uniquely done
Hugs xoxox

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