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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Death to the Plain

An ancient time, a time of Pharaohs
leisurely wishing for aesthetically pleasing,
eye capturing, breath taking marvels of beauty.

No, peasant bore brown branding by glance
only glory  of color for birthrights by chance...

Death to the plain!   (said the Pharaohs

Rulers ride the line of place and time   
designing cultures of waxen mold
defining beauty as their own
courted talent for privileged eyes
captured musings of a phantoms guise.

Centuries pass, royalties fall      
freedoms of expression for all!

Beauty lies through the artist’s eyes 
sketching their nameless muse
feverishly absorbed in creation
lost within a bliss of elation
truly mastering their formation.

The willing observer deafened by years  
innately knows his growing tears...

Flow centuries long for all people
denied the beauty known now
taste the waters of the lands
walk through expressional sands
feel the magic of an artist’s hands.    

Beckoned by our silent cries
driven by their passions
clutching works of pure devotion
varying forms of aesthetically pleasing
pieces of deep meaning...

Writings of poetry, sculptures of design
paintings of landscape, photos of line
whispered melodies of modern day jazz…

Aesthetical dimensions
freedoms of expression

  Death to the plain!

                                         ©River Maria Urke 11/10

posted for week 20 - One Shoot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry
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Jingle Poetry said...

keep it up.

Teresa said...

This is incredible. I wish everyone would be able to find their artist to reveal their beauty.

TALON said...

I can't help after reading this but feel the sense that the artist will always create, but will never dictate that which is considered "beautiful" by some aristrocatic definition. But no matter - the muse will speak and the artist will listen.

I enjoyed this so much! I love poems that leave me pondering.

River said...

If they are allowed to create in what society they live in. In the past and some places today people are not free to express and create. But no an artist doesn't dictate what is beautiful. They have the freedom (a lot of places today) to choice what is beauty to them. I wondered if this poem would come across to people the way it does for me. ummm

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt eloquence - thank you for sharing

g-man said...

Your poem was fantastic!
Great One Shot, and thanks for visiting ...Galen

Asobime said...

Hi River,

this poem is many layered, or perhaps for me....difficult, but in a very good way. I had to read it carefully to understand, but there is no denying the breath and depth of this piece. It is all encompassing....but speaks with a distinctive voice.

A beautiful and not easily written poem. It has a lot of heft.

Great, great oneshot!

Lady Nyo

River said...

It is very layered. A thinking piece that you read more then once and every read you see more.
Thank you everyone! :)
It was difficult but I like challenges. LOL Theres some number patterns in their too. :)

Brian Miller said...

love your thoughts on this and so can be found in the most mundane if we allow ourselves and even in a society where we were not allowed to create i think an artist would find a way...

Hope said...

A lot of effort and thought went into your poem

we are very fortunate indeed to either meet artists with a multitude of talents or just happen to be one ourselves but sometimes it's even more special to see that the artistic nature lies in nature itself. the frost on the window pain, a fawn nursing from it's mother, the feel of silk beneath your fingers, or the composition of musical notes.To find it and capture it then to share it, is indeed a valuable gift and our right as humans.

i believe your poem speaks of just that
and you have seized it with your use of words and imagery Also, is each line a drum beat?

thank you for sharing this beautiful piece
Death to the Plain!

and thanks for your visit and comment on my blog

have a wonderful day

Eric Alder said...

Interesting piece, River... like revealing ancient mysteries in a modern context.

I just have one question:
Why do you want to kill the plane?

Planes are useful for flying places and...

Oh, it's P-L-A-I-N? (Never mind!)

Stephaine said...

wow nice!
I love how you put those words together...
I'm learning from you!

Timoteo said...


moondustwriter said...

I feel an emphasis on certain words - it is strong and beautiful and well thought out - River

thanks for sharing with One Shot

Moon smiles

Shashi said...

Dear River

Beautiful journey through the times...
'walk through expressional sands
feel the magic of an artist’s hands.'
I enjoyed your above lines very much...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

June_Butterfly said...

Strong!And deep.I took time reading it.Since english is not my first language sometimes I tend to misunderstand the message conveyed.

Freedom of expression.I love that line.They say there are rules in poetry(as there are in other forms of arts).But I wish there was not.For me poetry is one's thought.It flows from one's being.

Great write!!

Claudia said...

i love the ...whispered melodies of modern day jazz… was somehow very unexpected but for me, it made the poem - transferred it into my life...really nice

GvSparx said...

The things you say make me glide across...
i loved the expression-
Beauty lies through the artist’s eyes
sketching their nameless muse

Amazingly true...
I love the way you write :)

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