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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Zoo in the Middle of a Jungle

6 am: I sit with my morning coffee looking around our living room,
breathing in the familiar, catching glimpses of memories among the
decor, absorbing the beauty of the Hibiscus opening its flower petals.
My mind begins drifting in my morning haze
 pondering people’s worlds, their realities
 our responses to their realities
the eyes of a stranger
peering into our
homes our

A full size piano in an apartment.
for my daughter’s musical skills

Books galore filling bookshelves
that almost touch the ceiling.
for my life addiction of reading
and smelling paper in my hands

A jungle of plants settled
in front of sliding glass doors.
for my love of life and flowers

A cat strolls into the room meowing insistently
we think he has an eating disorder
A girl is next stumbling in half-asleep
with messy hair, and dreamy eyes.
she still comes and sits on my lap in the morning
even though she’s as big as me- I love it
Right behind her, a dog follows with a look of, “I have to pee.”
he has never left her side
when she sleeps since we rescued him.
  I fondly smile at my growing daughter and our fury companions.
   Hearing the stranger’s eye perceive my full precious life and decide 

a crammed apartment
to many books
to many animals
to many plants
a zoo in the middle of a jungle

A contagious giggle escapes me infecting my daughter,
we both burst in laughter

I shake my head no.. It isn’t that crammed.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
One Happy Loving Family
Our zoo in the
middle of a


Hope said...

I love it! great imagery
I love the mornings and the conditions are right for reflection.
thank you for sharing
really enjoyed the read

Raksha Bhat said...

My first time here...loved the flow..the smell of paper is one of the best things for me too:)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this, River! I especially love that your daughter still sits on your lap - that is just beautiful. Your site is a wealth of beautiful images and quotes, and brims with your love of life. Lovely to visit here:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting.. really gives the reader an insight into your home/personal life. Thanks for sharing that.

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