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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Eccentric Mother

I remember as a girl going to Cybil’s house
So you could learn the old Astrology
After you brushed the old woman’s hair
I remember thinking her and her husband were ancient
Now I know they were wise

I remember you running with me and laughing
When everyone else’s mothers were sitting
Gabbing about each other
I remember thinking I was lucky

I remember you heading my Girl Scouts Troupe
Fighting for equality to enter the old school
Trying to give the gift of nature to the girls
I remember how proud I felt that you were my mother

I remember you cheering the loudest
At my basketball games
I remember you standing up for me
Telling that sexist Gym teacher off

I remember your face when I punked myself out
The twinkle in your eyes
Your daughter was her own unique self
The flash of fright across your face
Knowing it would mean hardships

I remember your disappointment
When I almost got in big trouble
You had me read Gibron
You understood I had to move on

I remember you trying to understand
Your adventurous daughter
Not ever relating but still giving me
The room to fly

I remember the fear in your eyes
The first time I was paralyzed
The second time when you
Told that doctor he was wrong

I remember when I realized
All you had ever done for me
The day I became a mother

You are the woman in this world
That means more to me than any other
You have always been at my side
You will always love me

I have always looked up to you
I have learned from you
How to be the eccentric woman
I am today

Mama you are my Best Friend
I Love You!



Sherry Blue Sky said...

River, being an eccentric mother myself, I had to click on this title! It is such a loving and wonderful tribute to your exceptionally wonderful mother. I love that she was wise and knew to give you room to fly. I understand the fear, knowing there would be hardships. Thank you for this most beautiful read on a Sunday morning. I'll bet your mom loved this poem very much.

Hope said...

this is an absolutely beautiful piece! A masterful dedication to your mother! brought tears to my eyes.

what a lovely daughter she has in you

thank you for sharing

have a blessed day

River said...

Thank you! I wrote this for my mom for last Mothers Day and crafted it as art for her wall. I used her colors and some of her favorite material.

All of us eccentric women need to acknowledge the awesomeness it is that we are our own unique selves.

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