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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Teton Sunset ~ Adventures in the Tetons – Part 2

A Teton Sunset

Sage fills the valley as cracking ground thunders
pointed peaks rise through clouds of colors

majestic beauties roam an ancient path
one buffalo follows two days past

golden wings soar on the mountain breeze
mating Hawks circle each other with ease

playful paws pounce amongst setting brush
silly coyotes taunt their dinner, no rush

mere dangling moments of twilights in time
magnificent sunset, a Teton rhyme.

This is the second poem of a series of my adventures living in the forests of Wyoming across from the Teton Mountains. I promised a piece to Sherry Blue Sky from Poets United. Sherry, I decided to write of the adventures in a series for there are so many things to express one mere poem cannot pull it off. For example,  one late night where beady eyes circled my camp and my dog stood her ground is a poem all in its self.

The first poem of the series My White Stallion

posted for One Shot Wednesday week 29 at One Stop Poetry
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Hope said...

wow, this is beautiful!
I love the flow. no need for the photo for your imagery is vividly present in your words but the photo is awesome

love this line, 'mere dangling moments of twilights in time'
thank you River

take care!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Absolutely beautiful, River. Wow. I cant wait to hear about the eyes around the campfire (were they Man or Beast, hee hee!!!) I'm impressed you can tell it in poem form. This one is lovely. I, too, loved the "mere dangling moments of twilight in time" lines best. Also the pouncing paws........looking forward to more, yay! And thank you!

Timoteo said...

The enchanting...the lakes so pristine...I would love to go back. You've captured the essence nicely here!

Asobime said...

I beautifully evocative poem...the colors, imagery didn't need a photo, but it goes so well.

You are truly blessed, River to live where you do. The works must just flow like the river you are!


Lady Nyo

Steve Isaak said...

Enjoyable, great nature-theme work.

Brian Miller said...

you paint it beautiful for all of us to see...nicely done one shot...i love nature...

Carys said...

mere dangling moments of twilights in time - what a soothing line this is River. Beautiful piece of writing, really stilled me this.

2wolvz said...

great imagery and lines that stay in your head wonderful peice

dustus said...

I have never been there. After reading your poem, it's definitely a place I must visit someday. The photo only enhanced well written lines.

Anonymous said...

Elegantly crafted - love the photo

Unknown said...

First time reading your work!
truly beautiful poetry :]

Laura said...

beautifully written River...I feel like I am there witnessing it all with you.

Kavita said...

Oh wooowww.. loved the way this flowed... brought fluid images to the mind...
Really very beautifully written, River!! And that touch of romanticism was like icing on the cake...
Excellent One Shot!

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Dear River...

What a beautiful sunset.. I could almost soak in its farewell.. Thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...

You've captured a glorious moment.

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