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Friday, December 17, 2010

between two realms

with every bend in the country road
the voice of a distant grace grows louder
guiding the woman forward as she nears
a field the voice becomes a whisper,
she stops in a cloud of dust and parks,
rising in the haze of an autumns dusk,
she ventures out into the field.

framed in pinks and hues of brown
a herd of deer graze on fallen corn
a gentle crisp wind sails
through grasses and layers pale
meandering footprints worn
a destiny laid out since she was born. 

darkening rays crawl across the sky
playing shadows with her eyes
she glides closer as they begin  
slowly moving, their pace quickening
she swiftly falls in behind, closing
her eyes, letting intuition guide
traveling towards the ravine.

winding down the hardened walls
passing through the door of realms
under the archway in between
they enter a timeless place of magic
where free verse rings true all classic.

gracing the powers of the unknown
she stands back watching, listening
a flutes sweet melody soars
waltzing notes of violins spinning
streams of conversations willing.

joining in thought and verse
one human among dozens of deer
contemplating life and walls of fear
around a table spread of a does delight.

dangling lanterns dim as beats quicken
to the pondering movements of the drum
pulsations of rhythmic echo’s
mingling trails of new beginnings
carry songs and dance with lots of cheer
an evening of festivities with the deer.

12/10 River Maria Urke

a rewrite can be found on video


Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautiful, River, both poem and the event you write about.........I could see it all - and hear the drum! Just lovely.

River said...

Thank you Sherry :) This was a dream I had 16 years or so ago. A magical dream that was unforgettable and called to be formed in words.

Eric Alder said...

What a nice dream that was! No wonder you still remember it so vividly. An enjoyable read, River.

Hope said...

beautiful! fantastic imagery!
to be able to share a dream that is so magical and to do it so vividly, is a blessing for you and for us indeed!
thank you

River said...

A shorter version is coming with the help of a friend. It feels to long to me and to much rhyming for my taste. This has been a hard one to capture in a few lines. Maybe it will have to turn into a story. :)

Abigail Pearl Pope said...

This is amazing. It took me away to a mystic place. Thanks for sharing this lovely dream with us!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Nice, a short story woven into poetry. A witness of a different realm watching a rare spectacle. I could imagine it all as the words flowed.

Blasphemous Aesthete

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