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Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Heartbeats

Two heartbeats steal innocent touches upon
cheek and thigh
undressing one another with their eyes.
He whispers sweet words between breaths
of everyday terms as she watches them form
on his lips, dreaming of their sweet kiss.

Two heartbeats borrow moments of time
snatching reasons of sharing presence,
knowing rings of wall stand in between
holding back thoughts clawing to be free.

Two heartbeats skip beats of forgetful rights
longing, he touches her flowing hair,
they pass quick glances of passionate desiring
sneaking kisses in shadows of yesterdays hiding.

Two heartbeats stand in the entrance of reality
stepping from the realms of fantasy,
they face their pasts of fear and choice
breathing free thoughts of wandering hands.

Two heartbeats trace the movements of the other
outlines of moist lips upon sweet nakedness
intertwined beauty of whispering wonders
two heartbeats are lost in the mists of the other.

posted for One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry week 24
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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow! Beautifully written! I vaguely remember some of that, way back in ancient times before I looked like Jack Hoarfrost, ha ha! Is there a romance you have not been telling me about???? Hmmmmmm???

River said...

Lol! Is is real or is it from my imagination? :) Maybe both. lol

2wolvz said...

wow river beautiful!!

Eric Alder said...

Beautiful and inspiring - and I mean that literally, because I've started writing my own version of a tale of two hearts.

Hope said...

'two heartbeats lost in the mists of the other'
passionate words ring loudly! beautifully expressed

thank you

budh.aaah said...

A passion filled love song

Claudia said...

lost in the mists of each other - a song full of passion..lovely river

LauraX said...

sweet surrender into passion...beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Passionate and romantic writing - thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Quite lovely indeed.. very well written..
this was a joy to read, thank you for writing..

Steve Isaak said...

Romantic, nice, solid.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the image of two heartbeats facing their pasts together...lovely piece of writing!

Brian Miller said...

what a warm dance you create between the two hearts...a little imagination mixed with some reality is never a bad thing...smiles.

Beachanny said...

I agree with Brian - very imaginative indeed.

DeLi said...

so passionately tender

Lisa said...

This is so beautiful (and inspiring!) - I love this bit:

"they pass quick glances of passionate desiring
sneaking kisses in shadows of yesterdays hiding."

Lovely :)

Desert Rose said...

Lovely poem,so filled with passion and sweet imagery..beautiful River..:)

Luke Prater said...

sexy without the smut, romantic without slush/cliche... and made me feel a bit lonely :(

Nice one, River my friend

Luke @ WordSalad/FEPC

Kavita said...

Oh...sensuous and beautiful!!!
It really is quite something to have a flash of memories cross your mind, and yet be undaunted by those.. and this can happen only in the presence of that special person...

You have captured the essence of love so beautifully here, River... (sigh)..
Am drifting into a space of romance already...

dustus said...

Beautiful poem. "they face their pasts of fear and choice," that line puts it on another level for me. "Facing fears and past decisions" Makes the rest of the sentiment all the more effective. Cheers :)

Refuge Insomniac said...

Three heartbeats, as mine was enraptured with the passion. Wonderful!

Asobime said...

'yesterdays shadows...'

Sigh. you have such a passion combined with a delicacy that it enraptures the reader.

I look for your poetry because it is rich, rich, rich.

Lady Nyo

Anonymous said...


Wow...either way (or both)~this is wonderfully sensuous. Well written and delicious.

*By the way, I had a problem signing on to week 24 last week so my comments are a bit late. Sorry, but I'm certainly glad I signed on now...*

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