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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gaagaaiwa Enwed ~A Raven Calls

Ninoondawidiz gaagaaiwag inwe
I hear the Raven call

asaawe gichi miskwawakikaandag aka owabandanan
perched high in the great red pine, she waits

bizindaw. Nandotaw na’idaa azhigwa
listening. Listening for the right moment

googi niisayi’ii miniwa biidon nibwaakaa ikidowinan.
to swoop down and deliver a message.

Nibwaakaa ikidowinan ninoondawidizamin inwe,
A message for the ones that hear her call,

nindonjibaamin gichi miskwawakikaandag.
the ones that come to the great red pine.

Gaagaaiwag enwed
A Raven calls.

Ginoondaw ina?
Do you hear her?

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this even more when you show both languages. I hope Willow is learning her language, such an important part of your cultural history. So glads young people are keeping the language alive. The Old Ones will be happy:) Beautiful poem, River, in any language! Sigh. I have lots of ravens where I live.

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