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Saturday, April 2, 2011

B- Backwards Day

             he walks
         up the Mountain,
             blinded to rocks
                             and dips
                        along the way.

   He strolls with a pace of notice
         glancing at the smallest
                             of difference.
    The new amongst the familiar
        the old nearly forgotten
                It had been too long
     since he had a backwards day.


Hope said...

ha! this is fun, River! enjoyed it!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Love it! I should give that a try - except my near blindness, bum knee and walking stick would make it a tricky enterprise:)

Olivia J. Herrell said...

Hi River, clicking over from A to Z. What a Beautiful poem. I love the idea of walking backwards, doing something different and seeing the world through new eyes.

Maybe I'll have a backwards day tomorrow. :)

that rebel, Olivia

Patricia Stoltey said...

Novel idea. I think I'll give it a try...very carefully.

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