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Thursday, April 14, 2011

L - Life to you

Life to you is a game
of cards with bets
and twists in trickery.

Silently, you play
a manipulative game
to get what you want

no morals or rules
you lie and scheme
aiming to fool.

You played me good
in your game of hearts

Conniving the strikes
to keep me unaware
of whom you truly are.

I gave you my heart
and you locked it away
starving for love.

Still, you twisted me
in your game of hearts

playing the upper hand
manipulating me until 
the day I wake 

blinders off and instincts on
seeing your every move
I call your bluff and win the pot

facing the real you with
my piercing eyes 
I take back my broken heart  

you have lost me forever
in your game of hearts

                    © River 4/11


Sherry Blue Sky said...

River, beautiful and full of pain. But it actually is a triumph of instinct over emotion, to heed the inner voice, to see what is not honest and to walk away, proud and in your own truth. Beautiful poem, written by an intelligent and strong woman. I love it.

ayala said...

beautiful and painful.....

Hope said...

beautiful River! raw emotions well expressed!
thank you

Jingle said...

love the flow.

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