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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P - Portraits of an Unsure Mind

moments for reflection
slowly pass
through snapshots of dawn
the shade of closed times opens

exposing you chained to a reality
of my invented fantasy
how much of you is a dream

that stands before me wrapped
in your images of self
you are a stranger
a dream I fell in love with

reflection of choice
slowly forms
through decision of desire
the door closes before you

hiding your faults from reason
fooling the mirage
you are more than a dream

that stands before me painted
to my liking
you are a creation
a man I can love

choice in moments
slowly transpire
through ugly patterns of yours
my bundle of self-love shrinks

it’s time to see reality
accept the fact
you are not my dream man

that stands before me naked
in faults
you are real
a man I love, yes, but

are you the man for me?

   *** *** ** *** ***
moments of reflection in choice


Timoteo said...

I don't think so. (Just my opinion !)

River said...

Isn't it something you love someone but you are not compatible with them.
Thanks for opinion Timoteo. :)

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