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Saturday, April 9, 2011

H- Herds of Cali

Block by palm tree block
I keep walking, expecting  
to find the end where the
crowds lessen, but it does
not stop continuously 
blending as one multi-
plying infrastructure 
dotting every morsel of
sand on this edge. I turn 
east hoping for a place of 
few people, a quiet nook 
for a moment to breath. 
Only to learn people are 
everywhere in this land 
of sun.


Hope said...

I hear you!

beautifully expressed and awesome shot!

Shelli said...

Funny how we writers are always looking for that quiet place, a moment of solitude. I've also found that people watching (and overhearing) is a good way to appease the muse when you can't get away.

Luke Prater said...

Nice lil' piece of written in almost internal-monologue style, or perhaps stream of consciousness I should say. It flows from top to bottom.

Warmest Salad my friend, been a while, huh?

Luke x

River said...

My experience of Southern California. The first time in my life I felt claustrophobic. (I have to have MRI's and have been to New York)
Thank you and

yes Luke it's been awhile. :)

Acrostic Poems said...

Wisely done and and awesome shot :)

All the best
Short Poems

Wanda said...

Lovely poem. Have a happy weekend.

LauraX said...

could just as easily be south Florida...that's how I feel when I visit my space, just palm trees, concrete and people.

Sherri said...

Great post! If you want less crowds of people come to Montana - land of winter year round.

hedgewitch said...

Nicely expressed. Why I left California, beautiful as it is, and it is beautiful, like every beauty around, it attracts every eye, and every body.

Manzanita said...

I agree with Sherri but Wyoming's even better. Come to Wyoming.

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