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Monday, April 18, 2011

O - Oracle of the Feminine

Our time has come to stand tall
united in a revolution of change
a collective of feminine voices
saying, No More!

It is time we take back our bodies
create a resolution to change
the expected and learn to accept
everyone is born their own way
beautiful in their own skin.

It is time to stop participating
in the games of a perfect image
starving for anothers body
an average that does not exist.

It is time to love and cherish
yourself, believe you were born 
beautiful in your own way  
for your daughter is watching.

It is time for you to remember 
where you came from 
to say thank you to your mother,
your grandmothers and aunts,
all the women that wore
the body you were born to wear.
                                    © River 4/11

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I especially love this one, River.......the thank you to the women who came before us.......and especially "our daughters are watching". Yes, they are, and your daughter is a lucky girl!!

River said...

I thought you might. Does it seem familiar?
I have to say it's one of my favorites. An important message many need to hear. It is sad how many women and girls hate their bodies. I am planning on covering this issue with my next column piece.

Hope said...

awesome! 'our daughters are watching' those words are powerful as the message you give with this wonderfully penned piece.

honor the skin you are in.

beautiful, River!

River said...

Thank you Hope. My daughter is 11. I am smack dab in the mists.

Brian Miller said...

big smiles...i will be chearing for that revolution...seeing the beauty that is inside all of us...this is perfect...and a msg to be heard...

ayala said...

Powerful and important message.
Just perfect :)

Timoteo said...

An important message for women and girls...and let's get rid of that "standard" of beauty where all the pageant contestants are six feet tall and have starved themselves to fit an image that's unrealistic for most people to aspire to.

Chris G. said...

A cry that should ring through the ages - a cry for the self, and individuality, and the simple celebration of who we are, not who we should be. Directed to women, certainly, but with a message at its core that has boundless value to all walks. Such a strong, admirable message.

River said...

Thank you Ayala, Brian, Timoteo and Chris. An important message for women and girls that men and boys can learn from too.

Jannie Funster said...

This is beyond beautiful, and I couldn't agree more!

We are all just as perfect as we can be, born beautiful as we are from the love that ties us all together!

Marian said...

oh i love this rally cry! love it. yes indeed, my daughter is watching, too.
i really loved seeing and hearing you read this poem. oh yay!

violet said...

I enjoyed the poem, especially the reading. I like the way you end bringing in the family and heredity and the support.

River said...

Thank you Jannie and Marian.

A continuous pattern woman pass down to their daughters, which was taught to them by their mothers. Of course, the media plays a part. However, they are just giving people what they want following the societies idea of beauty.

Vinay said...

An inspiring write that tells us to value ourselves for us and not yearn for someone else's! and I agree with Chris, one that should ring through the ages!

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Anonymous said...

So well said. Maybe someday the internet, television and movies (among others) will quit pushing the image of the perfect woman and concentrate on the beauty of all women (and men). The quickest way for that to happen is to have consumers hit advertisers in the pocketbook! Good message here.

Luke Prater said...

Strong statement and celebration of women/womanhood. Appreciate the strength you show my friend

Warmest Salad


River said...

Thank you Luke,tolbert, and Vinay. :)

Anonymous said...

I really liked this poem. I am fotunate to have had strong women in my life. Take Care. Great Blog!

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