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Saturday, April 23, 2011

T ~ truths hidden behind the mask

you caught my eye
intriguing me
with your poetic words
and warm smile

I opened my closed door
hesitant to trust

we shared morning moments
reading poetry until
we landed on the bed
locking in passion beyond words

you captured my heart
swept me off my feet
with your gracious hands
and warm heart

kissing me tenderly
caressing me with artist hands
you whispered beautiful words
full of promises

I opened my locked heart

feeling something was not right
I listening to you instead of me
only to learn some months in

you were a lie.

                  ©River 4/11


Sherry Blue Sky said...

River, I have lived your poem. Life taught me over and over again that when I ignore that voice of truth and convince myself otherwise, it is always a mistake - however, it teaches us valuable lessons: mostly, to listen to that inner voice. It always knows. I so relate to this poem.

Shelli said...

I have found that liars speak their truth in other ways. We choose which truth to listen to.

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